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Einstein Medical has been providing Internet marketing services to doctors since 1995. A privately held company, Einstein Medical started the DocShop directory to connect physicians with patients who are searching for health services online. Since then, we have hired a team of developers, marketing consultants, and designers to help us improve the function and appearance of the DocShop directory, while simultaneously increasing traffic and conversion to the website.

A Leader in Search Engine Marketing

The Einstein Medical team has executed hundreds of online marketing strategies for plastic surgeons, LASIK doctors, fertility specialists, and other physicians. Our data shows us that thousands of consumers are searching online for elective health care services every day. This means that doctors who do not have an Internet strategy in place are losing out on their share of this traffic.


Because Einstein Medical is a leader in the online health care marketing field, we have been successful in reaching a niche audience. We utilize search engine marketing techniques to help our websites get found for thousands of high-traffic search terms such as rhinoplasty, fertility, and porcelain veneers. Our team of healthcare experts and writers has created an extensive patient education section that provides consumers with an excellent online resource on topics such as plastic surgery, skin care, eye care, dentistry, bariatric surgery, and fertility.


At Einstein Medical, we understand that garnering traffic to your website is just one part of a search engine marketing campaign. One of the most important elements of any Internet marketing campaign is conversion - the number of potential customers that contact your practice. We have been able to capitalize on DocShop's traffic by converting visitors into trackable leads for our clients.

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Einstein Medical attends search engine marketing conferences, medical trade shows, and other events to remain knowledgeable about the latest news in the elective health care and Internet marketing fields. Visit the Einstein Medical website to learn more about the services we offer.

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