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Intacs® Corneal Inserts


Intacs® inserts are a less invasive alternative to laser eye surgery for patients with mild myopia (nearsightedness) or the eye disease keratoconus. By gently reshaping the cornea to improve vision without removing corneal tissue, the structural integrity of the eye is maintained. An ophthalmologist can discuss with you the cost of Intacs® for myopia and keratoconus treatment.

What are Intacs® Inserts?

Intacs® are clear, thin prescription inserts that are placed in the periphery of the cornea. No tissue is removed during the brief Intacs® eye surgery procedure. Intacs® prescription inserts can be removed or replaced by an ophthalmologist as needed to adjust for vision changes and are FDA approved as being safe and effective.

Ophthalmologists use Intacs® inserts to treat mild myopia (nearsightedness) and keratoconus (a progressive eye disease characterized by thinning corneal tissue). Intacs®, unlike LASIK and other forms of eye surgery, preserve the tissue of the vital central optical zone.

Intacs® Eye Surgery

The Intacs® eye surgery procedure usually requires only a one hour office visit. A preoperative exam will determine if a patient is able to undergo Intacs® eye surgery as a treatment for myopia or keratoconus.

Intacs® eye surgery begins with the surgeon making a single small incision in the surface of the cornea. The eyes are then prepared for Intacs® inserts. Two micro-sized, semicircular tunnels are made by separating two layers of the cornea and the Intacs® inserts are placed. Your vision will improve immediately.

By gently applying unfelt pressure on the eye in an outward motion, Intacs® inserts flatten the cornea. This allows light to focus on the retina, providing clear, crisp vision. In clinical studies, Intacs® have been found to provide 97 percent of patients with 20/40 vision or better. About 74 percent achieved 20/20 vision or better and greater than 50 percent achieved 20/16 or better.

Intacs® and Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that results in thinning corneal tissue, causing the cornea to lose its natural curvature. The result is improper focusing of light rays on the retina and impaired vision. Intacs® inserts are placed under the surface of the cornea, preserving its structure and improving vision without the need for corneal transplant surgery.

Cost of Intacs® for Keratoconus

Both Intacs® and corneal transplant surgery are able to treat keratoconus. The cost of Intacs® is typically around $2,000 per eye, less than the cost of a corneal transplant. Intacs® inserts are also far less invasive. An ophthalmologist will fully discuss your eye care with you in order to determine the cost of Intacs® for your keratoconus treatment.

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