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Mentor® Breast Implants

Mentor® Breast Implants


Mentor® Corporation is a company that is dedicated to making cosmetic medical products. Mentor® was founding in 1969, and has been manufacturing high quality breast implant products in the United States for more than 20 years. Many U.S. surgeons prefer Mentor® breast implants because they are safe, long lasting, and offer natural looking results. The company offers FDA-approved silicone and saline implants in a range of sizes, projections, and shell surfaces.

MemoryGel® Implants

More than a million women throughout the world have had the MemoryGel® implants placed. Since the FDA re-approved silicone implants in 2006, they have become the implant filler of choice among American women. The Mentor® MemoryGel® implants contain a proprietary silicone gel material that feels and looks more like natural breast tissue. In addition, the gel material holds together if the implant shell tears and prevents the silicone material from entering the body. The MemoryGel® type of Mentor® breast implants include:

  • Size: Implants come in various set sizes. Because the implants come pre-filled, a larger incision is required during surgery.
  • Forward Projection: Moderate, moderate plus, high profile
  • Shell Surface: Smooth or textured (SILTEX®)

Saline Implants

While silicone implants are increasing in popularity, saline implants offer a number of benefits as well. They are filled with a safe saltwater solution that will not cause any health problems if the implant ruptures and the fluid leaks into the body. Saline implants are also less expensive and require a smaller incision than silicone implants.

  • Size: Saline implants can be filled after the surgeon places the shell in the body. This allows the surgeon to adjust the size of the implants during surgery
  • Forward Projection: Moderate, moderate plus, high profile
  • Shell Surface: Smooth or textured (SILTEX®)

Adjustable SPECTRUM® Breast Implants

These implants are saline-filled and can be adjusted up to six months after surgery has been performed through a relatively easy procedure done in-office. This is through a small and temporary tube left on the implant after the surgical procedure took place. Through a simple injection done through the skin, the saline can be removed or added to in order to get the desired visual effect.

Once the desired size has been found, including nice small breast implants the temporary tube is taken out in-office. A "self-healing valve" closes right after the tube is removed, sealing the implant permanently without any leakage of saline.

  • Size: This type specifically can be changed post-surgery.
  • Teardrop Shape: The SILTEX® CONTOUR PROFILE® SPECTRUM® implants maintain a teardrop shape to resemble a more mature breast.
  • Shell Surface: Smooth or textured (SILTEX® and SPECTRUM®)

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Photo credit: James P. Wire, MD

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If any of the Mentor® breast implants seem like options you would like to pursue, contact a plastic surgeon in your area to see if they are a good choice for you. Its important to have a thorough conversation with your surgeon about what kind of implants you use, the technique they use to insert them, and how experienced they are with the type of procedure and implant you want.

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