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High Profile Breast Implants - Projection Types

High Profile Breast Implants - Projection Types


There are different projection types of implants, ranging from high profile breast implants to low profile breast implants. Projection is the forward projection for breast implants, which used to be standard for most implants. Recently though, size, projection and cleavage come hand in hand, and can all be formatted to find the right fit for the patient's body.

Low Profile

The first profile type is the low profile breast implant. These are the implants with the smallest forward projection. They actually have less projection than implants traditionally have, and are usually a good fit for wider framed patients.

Obviously the actual projection (distance between the chest side of the implant and the outer facing edge of the implant) changes in relation to the base diameter of the implant from side to side. In other words, the projection is not a fixed distance, but instead a ratio dependent on the base diameter.

High Profile Breast Implants

Moderate Profile

What is now known as the moderate profile implants are what used to be the standard size before different projection types were introduced. These create what's usually considered to be a normal profile, with a round fullness that still adds plenty of volume to the breast. Women with a narrow chest may prefer this, as it can create the appearance of a wider chest.

Moderate Plus Profile

Mentor® implants have a projection type in between moderate and high profile, called moderate plus. This is for women who might like a little extra oomph in their implants, but don't want the extra projection that comes from the high profile type.

High Profile

Lastly, these high profile breast implants have the most amount of projection to them when compared to the diameter of their base. To get the same projection with a moderate implant, one would have to get a much larger implant. In this way, the higher profile but smaller volume implant can give women with a smaller chest diameter the depth they want without side effects like rippling and unnatural looking width.

Different, but Not Better

It's important to remember when choosing between these different types that there is no empirical "best choice." Patients should, along with guidance from their surgeons, choose what will give them the best look when combined with their body type and lifestyle. When taken from this approach, patients tend to find a much greater sense of satisfaction with their results.

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Other Implant Options

There are many different choices to make when deciding you want breast implants:

  • Different sizes ranging from small implants to large implants
  • Smooth and textured implants that yield different internal results
  • Subglandular and under-the-muscle implants to change the outward appearance of the breast
  • Different incision sites like the TUBA incision and inframammary incision to control where the scarring will be located
  • Silicone or saline implants to determine the feel of the breasts
  • Different shapes for the implants to account for age and appearance
  • Different companies like Mentor® and Natrelle® that provide the implants

Learn More about Projection Types like High Profile Breast Implants

If you're thinking about getting breast implants, don't let the many choices get you frazzled. Speak to your surgeon about your different choices and guide you through to something that truly fits who you are. If you are searching for a surgeon that can provide you with the projection type you need, whether they are low profile or high profile breast implants, DocShop can help. Browse our directory of experienced surgeons in your area that can help you achieve the precise look you want.

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