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Breast Revision

Breast Revision


Breast implant revision, also referred to as breast augmentation revision, is a cosmetic surgery procedure involving the removal and/or replacement of breast implants to correct complications that have occurred after breast augmentation or implant-based breast reconstruction surgery. Breast implant revision can also be performed to correct an unsatisfactory result from either of the aforementioned surgeries. Learn more about breast implant removal and revision surgery by exploring cost and procedural information.

Candidacy for Breast Implant Revision

Patients who are dissatisfied with the results of their breast implant surgery may be candidates for a revision. Some women experience unwanted complications after breast augmentation, such as asymmetry, breast pain, implant deflation, and other side effects. Fortunately, it is possible to correct most aesthetic and medical complications.

Breast Augmentation Revision Cost and Financing

Candidates for breast augmentation revision are often concerned about the cost of undergoing a secondary breast surgery. Although breast implant manufacturers guarantee their products for life, the companies do not cover the cost of breast implant revision surgery. Since receiving breast implants is usually an elective cosmetic procedure, insurance plans often do not provide any financial assistance with the cost of correcting complications. However, patients should speak with their insurance provider as many plans offer coverage under certain circumstances. There are also a number of excellent financing options available to manage the medical fees should insurance be inapplicable.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Women choose to enhance their breasts for a variety of personal reasons; likewise, there are some who decide to remove their breast implants due to personal and/or medical concerns. If you wish to have your implants removed rather than undergo breast implant revision, learn about breast implant removal surgery.

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

Whether silicone or saline, breast implants are not built to last a lifetime and eventually need to be replaced. Also, it is not uncommon for women who have had implants for several years to want adjustments made. Breast implant replacement surgery allows surgeons to ensure that a patient’s breasts remain healthy and properly contoured.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation Revision

Although the breast skin and tissue are already accustomed to the presence of implants, recovering from breast augmentation revision is very similar to the recovery experienced after the initial implant surgery. Symptoms such as swelling, soreness, and stiffness are to be expected for the first week or two. Following your surgeon’s post-op instructions and wearing the appropriate compression garments are two keys for maximizing health and minimizing side effects during recovery after breast implant revision.

Breast Augmentation Revision Results and Benefits

The ultimate goal of breast implant revision is to give the patient the enlarged, balanced, natural-looking bust she desired from the initial surgery. The results of breast augmentation revision vary depending upon the individual, but the majority of patients find that the benefits of breast implant revision make the procedure worthwhile.

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Breast Implant Revision Complications

As with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation revision does have potential complications. There is a possibility that the results of the revision will not be exactly what the patient had hoped for, as well as the potential risk of developing an infection or other post-op side effects. Before choosing to undergo the procedure, patients should be aware of all the breast implant revision complications they might experience.

Breast Implant Revision FAQs

Each body is unique and demands customized surgical care. However, there are some common questions patients ask regardless of their specific medical need or complication. Even before meeting with your doctor, it is advisable to review answers to frequently asked questions about breast augmentation revision.

Choose a Breast Augmentation Revision Surgeon

Selecting a doctor takes time and research. It is essential to find a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and confident about the procedure, who is highly experienced in performing revision surgery, and has a proven, successful track record. Speaking with the doctor in person and reviewing the results of their work are just two important steps toward choosing the right breast augmentation revision surgeon.

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Everyone expects that their first breast augmentation surgery will give them outstanding results they can enjoy for years to come. However, in some cases, for a variety of reasons, women can find themselves either unhappy with their new surgically enhanced bust lines or in need of revisions to accomodate changes in their lives. The best way to get answers to your questions regarding breast implant removal or replacement is to speak to a qualified breast augmentation revision surgeon. You should not have to live with bad or obstructive breast implants – DocShop can help you find a cosmetic surgeon in your area with the necessary expertise to perform your breast implant revision surgery.

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